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quesion view (Q)What documents are required for a foreigner to register a new car or any change on the car?
answer view (A) ① Application for registration of a new car ② Certificate of vehicle manufacture (for a new car) ③ Temporary driving permission ④ 2 temporary number plates ⑤ Tax invoice ⑥ Certificate of Mandatory Liability Insurance (A copy may be accepted, contact an insurance company) ⑦ ID (An agent shall submit the owners seal certificate and a power of attorney form, and the agent's ID) ⑧ Foreigner : Documents which indicates residence such as a copy of domestic residence report or alien registration card Registration fee : 5% for passenger cars, 3% for vans and trucks, 2% for business of the acquisition price Acquisition tax: 2% of the acquisition price, within 30 days Bonds : Differentiated depending on the type (passenger cars, vans and trucks) and purpose (non-business and business) Handling fee : 2000 won and 3000 won revenue stamps (attach them on the certificate of vehicle manufacture) Plate fee : 5,500 won ※Non-business purpose passenger care with engine of lower than 800㏄: Exempt from registration fee, acquisition fee, and bonds Has to be registered during the temporary permission period (within 10 days)
quesion view (Q)What documents are required to report marriage with an alien ?
answer view (A)You can bring the Affidavit of Eligibility for Marriage issued by the relevant embassy and your passport.
quesion view (Q)Where can aliens report the change on the place of stay?
answer view (A)You can report the change in the Immigration Office, or the Gu Office of the new place of stay (However, foreign national Koreans with domestic residence report may report the change only in the Immigration Office)
quesion view (Q)Where can I get the Certificate of the Facts of Alien Registration?
answer view (A)The Immigration Office or Gu Office issues the Certificate to Alien Registration Card holders (the Certificate of the Facts of Domestic Residence Report of Foreign National Korean may be issued only in the Immigration Office)
quesion view (Q)How about the car insurance?
answer view (A)All insurances (personal, objective and own loss) except own car are applicable.
quesion view (Q)What kind of credit card is used in Korea?
answer view (A)International cards such as Visa, Diners club, Master card and American Express are used.
quesion view (Q)We would like to know the temperature in Korea.
answer view (A)The temperature between March and May, and October and November is cool between 22° C and 28° C. June and July are raining season. The temperature between December and February is very cold with -10° C and 0° C.
quesion view (Q)What is the daily working hour?
answer view (A)Public offices and banks are opened between 09:00 and 17:00 from Monday to Friday, and public offices are opened between 09:00 and 13:00 on Saturday. However, public office shall be closed on every second and fourth Saturday of each month (Banks shall be closed on every Saturday).
quesion view (Q)What is the monetary term in Korea?
answer view (A)The monetary term is the Korean won, and the paper money is termed in 1,000 won, 5,000 won and 10,000 won. Coin is termed in 10 won, 50 won and 100 won and 500 won.
quesion view (Q)How many high class hotels are there in Seoul?
answer view (A)There are 16 special first high class hotels with 8,684 rooms and 18 special second high class hotels with 4,749 rooms in Seoul as of May 31, 2004. If you require additional information on hotel in Seoul and other areas, please review the website of the Korea Hotel Association (
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