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Resident Service>Theaters
Lotte World Cinema
Lotte World Cinema
Lotte World Cinema is location within Jamsil Lotte World. It opened in July 1989 as Lotte World Art Theater and now it has 4 theaters of 1234 seats.
Under the slogan ‘a theater of more fun than an amusement park’, exciting events and friendly staff are waiting for you to come.

CGV Theater
CGV Theater
Invitation to a high-class culture garden, CGV Songpa
An environmentally friendly cultural space that fulfills the five senses of the audiences and visitors as a futuristic special cultural zone
You can enjoy all you want at one location; Shopping, culture, performances, entertainment, relaxation etc.
A total of 7 theatres (Theatre #1 187 seats, Theatre #2 184 seats, Theatre #3 79 seats, Theatre #4 153 seats, Theatre #5 310 seats, Theatre #6 235 seats, Theatre #7 79 seats)