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Residential Parks

Resident Service>Performances/Nature>Residential Parks
Park Name Address Features
Garak 37, Garak-dong
(14, 2-gil Garak Park)
Badminton and basketball courts, and numerous forest trails
Gaenari 44-6, Jamsil-dong Within Lake Palace at a traditional Korean pavilion
Gaerong 195, Garak-dong
(188 Geoyeodong-gil)
Athletic field, walking trail, various gym equipment
Geoyeo 11, Geoyeo-dong
(21 Hongi-gil)
They are equipped with diverse facilities, such as concrete wall fountains, open-air performance stages.
Gaenari 44-6, Jamsil-dong A multi-purpose outdoor facility for basketball and soccer
Geonneomal 110, Garak-dong
(39 Geoneomal Park-gil)
Famous for its rose garden
Nuemeori 110, Ogeum-dong
(27 Nuemeori 5 gil)
Playgrounds and square for sports and leisure activities
Dongsan 120, Songpa-dong A park for apartment residents
Dudaemi 2, Munjeong-dong
(75 Dudaemi-gil)
Traditional Korean pavilion, basketball and badminton courts
Macheon 11, Macheon-dong
(23 Macheon Park-gil)
Popular Azealea theme park and jokgu court
Maemi 35-4, Jamsil-dong Traditional Korean pavilion and aquatic park
Mokryeon 156, Ogeum-dong Multi-purpose athletic field
Munjeong with 18-4, Munjeong-dong Also called the Munjeong Belt Residential Park, equipped a ground fountain and stream
Bangi 52, Bangi-dong
(489 Baekjegobum-ro)
Basketball and badminton courts that are open to the public
Bangigobeun 125, Bangi-dong A taste of Hanseong Baekje history and culture
Baekto 6, Ogeun-dong
(4 Baekto Park 5 gil)
Jokgu court and playground for sports and leisure activities
Samjeon 62-1, Samjeon-dong
(Samjeon School-gil 5)
Paddling pool in the park
Songi 169, Songpa-dong Offers an athletic facility for badminton and other sports
Songpa 113, Songpa-dong Offers an athletic facility for basketball and badminton
Songpanaru West: 32, Sincheon-dong (Seokchon Lake-gil)
East: 47, Jamsil-dong (Seokchon Lake-gil)
Most popular park in Songpa and Seoul’s only lake park
Sutnae 150-8, Munjeong-dong
(6 Family 1-gil)
Oval walking track, with gym equipment
Asia 84, Jamsil-dong
(46 Olympic-ro)
Circle plaza, ground fountain, and various walking trails
Yeonhwa 92, Munjeong-dong
(Yeonwha Park-gil)
Basketball court and performance hall, ground fountain
Ogeum 51, Ogeum-dong
(363 Ogeum-ro)
Largest park in Songpa with a nature park, multi-purpose stadium, tennis court, and walking trails
Utmal 21, Garak-dong
(22 Garakgol 6-gil)
Circular walking route, with pavilion and benches for rest
Jamsil 230, Jamsil-dong
(Baekjegobunro 151)
Aquatic park with 113 species and 4,670 types of plants
Jangji San 11, Jangji-dong Themed park with Gaemi Hill, Togubong Hill, and Sports Hill
Cheonma San 1-1, Macheon-dong
(Cheonma Park-gil 25-1)
Mountainous park located on Cheonmasan Mountain;
Taeyang 74, Pungnap-dong A 3,000m2 wild flower garden within the park
Hanyang 152, Songpa-dong A barefoot trail, great for walking and also has a ground fountain
Family 150-5, Munjeong-dong courts, and multi-purpose field
Ppongnamu 19-3, Jamsil-dong Walking trail and plaza for residents’ recreation
Buri 22, Jamsil-dong Open stage and walking trail for promoting culture / recreation for residents
Onjomaru 20-1, Sincheon-dong A plaza, resting places, and hiking trail
Haneulgaram 17-10, Sincheon-dong Resting places and many trees
Saenae 17-9, Sincheon-dong A resting place for subway riders in front of Jamsillaru Station.
Neolmun 229-3, Macheon-dong An oval-shaped walking trail and benches
Jangsu 846, Jangji-dong A recently opened Geulmaru Library
Geulsaem 621, Munjeong-dong A music water fountain
Geulsaemjageun 631, Munjeong-dong A resting place for shoppers at Garden Five
Hanumul 626, Munjeong-dong A water gardens