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Volunteer Activities

Resident Service>Learning Korea Culture>Volunteer Activities
Songpa Volunteer Center
Established in July 4, 1996, the Songpa Volunteer Center was the first organization of its kind in the country that aimed to contribute to the community by promoting civil participation and volunteer opportunities. As a nationally recognized leader in volunteer work, the Center has been awarded with the Presidential Award and has given Songpa the honor of being selected as the best volunteer Gu in Seoul for the past 10 years.
Operation Structure
송파구청 자원봉사센터 운영체계
Operation Description
Address: 242, Baekjegobun-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul
Area: 214.56㎡
Full-time employees: 10 people
Registered volunteers: 146,559 people (As of March 31, 2015)
Registered volunteer groups: 896 groups
Major Business Area
Public Relations (media affairs, online SNS, blogs, etc.)
Establish a participatory framework through volunteer recruitment, counseling, and allocation
Promote specialized volunteer activities through volunteer training and education
Organize volunteer activities by developing and nurturing volunteer groups
Expand resident participation through program development, implementation, and operations
Motivate volunteers through recognition and encouragement
Local partnering activities to strengthen volunteer networks
Major Volunteer Programs
Volunteer Camp operation and management
In order to bring the spirit of volunteer closer to everyone, the Volunteer Camp is a cluster of smaller volunteer organizations that focus on various volunteer programs and ensuring that they are efficiently operated.
Volunteer Cooperative School Introduction
This is an educational program that offers volunteer classes in line with school curriculum through the partnership between the Songpa Volunteer Center and the schools in Songpa (elementary, middle, and high schools).
Volunteer classes and workshops
Intermediate Class on Volunteering for adults, specialized classes for volunteers, Volunteer Group Leadership Workshop, Volunteer Camp training and workshop,
Other volunteer associations and activities
Youth, Parent, Senior, Village (Apartment) Volunteer Groups