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Land Ownership Registration for Foreigners

Resident Service>Administrative Services>Land Ownership Registration for Foreigners
Land Ownership Report(Permit) for Foreigners
  Report Approval
Acquisition by Contract Acquisition by Cause other than Contract Continued Ownership
Subject Land outside the permitted area Areas for military facility protection, naval base, military air base protection, cultural property protection, ecological environment preservation and wild animal/plant special protection
Application and Procedure Application by visit to competent city/gun/gu office for the subject land or online application using real estate trade management system
Required Documents
  • Land acquisition contract
  • ID card
  • Document verifying the cause other than contract
  • ID card
  • Document verifying the change of nationality
  • ID card
  • Land acquisition contract agreement
  • ID card
Report Within 60 days from the date of entering the contract Within 6 months from the date of acquisition Within 6 months from the date of change of nationality to foreigner or foreign corporation Before entering the contract(before preparing the contract)
Processing time Immediately (within 3 hours) 15 days

※ When applied by a proxy, the proxy’s ID card needed.