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Certification of Alien Registration

Resident Service>Administrative Services>Certification of Alien Registration
Equivalent to the National Registration, the Certificate of Alien Registration offers foreigners a formal certification that specifies name, registration number, and address.
Related Laws
Article 88.1 of the Immigration Control Act, Article 77 of Enforcement Decree of Immigration Control Act
Required Documents
In person: foreigners with a valid Alien Registration Card can bring the card to any municipal office regardless of residence for immediate issuance.
By proxy: Alien Registration Card (or signed letter of proxy) of the person who is registering, and the proxy’s official identification.
Q) Can I be issued a Certificate of Foreigner Residency?
A) Foreigners with an Alien Registration Card will be issued a certificate of alien registration and those with Residence Registration Cards will be issued a certificate of residence registration. Please be informed that the certificate of alien registration is the equivalent of the national registration for domestic citizens.