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Foreigner Registration

Resident Service>Administrative Services>Foreigner Registration
A non-Korean or a foreigner born in Korea who plans to stay in Korea for more than 90 days after his/her arrival must receive the certificate of alien registration from the Seoul Immigration Office.
Seoul Immigration Office
Tel +82-2-6908-1345
Directions Subway: Omokgyo Station (Line 5, Exit No. 7) Bus: 5012,6624, 6640, 6620
Required Documents
Registration Application
Fees and required documents may differ depending the type of a visa, so please contact the Immigration Office (1345)
The Certificate of Alien Registration is issued in 2 or 3 weeks after the application is submitted to the Seoul Immigration Office.
In case of misplacement of, or damage to the Certificate of Alien Registration, or if there is insufficient space for further information, or if there is any change in the contents of the Certificate, you need to visit the Seoul Immigration Office with documentation supporting the changes of the certificate and apply for a re-issuance or change of the certificate within 14 days.
-If your address has changed, it must be reported to the Immigration Office or your district (“gu”) office within 14 days.