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Tourist Complaint Center

Tour Guide>Tour Help>Tourist Complaint Center
How to file a complaint
If you fear that you have paid excessively for your items or food (at either shops or street vendors), or ride (taxi), you can file a complaint at the Tourist Complaint Center listed below.
The Foreign Tourist Complaint Center
- In Seoul: 120 > 9 (Seoul City Call Center) | 1330(Korea Tourism Organization)
- Outside of Seoul:02-120 > 9 (Seoul City Call Center) | 02-1330(Korea Tourism Organization)
- Overseas: +82-2-120 > 9(Seoul City Call Center) | +82-2-1330(Korea Tourism Organization)
- Korea Tourism Organization Foreign Tourist Complaint Center:
Please include details on retailers, taxis, etc.; the date and time of the event; the location; and a description of your complaint.
- The Seoul Metropolitan Government Transportation Complaint Center (for taxis and call van fare disputes) :
Please note down details including vehicle license number, date and time of the taxi/van ride, route, and fare that you were charnged.
* Please include your name and contact information in your email.
Helpful Tips
- You should pay by the meter regardless of the number of passengers on board.
- You may ask the driver what the estimated fare will be before starting your trip.
Call Van
- When boarding a call van, tell the driver where you need to go and negotiate a price before starting.
- A call van is black and bigger than a taxi. It will not have a meter on.
- Buy goods from retailers that have listed the prices on their items.
- If you want your purchase to be delivered, make sure you receive and keep the receipt or delivery slip somewhere safe. Keep a detailed list with the number of items, their condition, expected delivery date, retailer contact information, etc.
- Check the price of the food on the restaurant’s menu or signage at the door before ordering.
- Street food carts may not provide a priced menu/signage. Please ask for the price before making your orders.