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Tour Guide>Museum
2,000 years of history preserved
The Seoul Baekje Museum is a “time machine” that holds 2,000 years of Seoul’s history. Out of the Baekje Dynasty’s 678 years of existence, Songpa was the capital of this Dynasty for 493 years. Since its establishment as the first capital of the Baekje Dynasty, Songpa has been a historical landmark for 2,000 years. Pungnaptoseong Fortress, Mongchontoseong Fortress, Ancient Tombs in Seokchon-dong, Seoul, and other key artifacts from the Baekje Hanseong Period abound in Songpa and thousands more relics have been excavated from here. All of these items are on display at the Seoul Baekje Museum.
The design of the museum building is symbolic of Baekje’s maritime power
The museum building has great significance. Baekje is known to have established its maritime prowess by trading with Japan and China via the Han River and the West Sea. In this respect, the Baekje Museum was designed to represent the Baekje Dynasty’s fervor for maritime power and hence, was built in the shape of a ship. The building is sloped as an imagery of a ship under sail. The rooftop elevator, which looks like a sail, completes the overall image of the building. There is a cafeteria, roof terrace, and an observation deck on the second floor that all make it possible for visitors to rest and take in the view of the surrounding area. Every Friday at 6:30 p.m., the main auditorium of the museum features a movie night. Based on a monthly theme, films are selected to provide entertainment for the whole family. These films are carefully selected from among a variety of domestic and international selections that provide fun and pleasure for viewers of all ages. Tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis, so visitors are recommended to stop by early to guarantee getting a seat.
Address : 71, Wiryeseong-daero, Songpa-gu (88-20, Bangi-dong)
Tel : +82-2-2152-5800
Website :
Opening hours
Weekdays : 9am~9pm
Saturday, Sunday, Pubddc hoddday: 9am~7pm ( November~February: 9am~6pm)
Closing day : Every Monday, 1st January, Off-day which assigned by a Mayor (Delegated to a director)
Entrance Fee : Free Standing Exhibition(Special and Planned Exhibition can be conducted for a fee)
[Subway ddne no.8] Go straight 650m toward South gate no.2 from the gate no. 1 at Mongchontoseong station ( Walking 10~15mins)
Bus : 30, 30-5, 3216, 3412, 3413