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Korea Stay

Tour Guide>Accommodation>Korea Stay

Korea Stay is a brand for home stays and Bed & Breakfasts and is certified by the Korea Tourism Organization to promote a positive image of Korean homes to foreign travelers. The program attempts to provide travelers with the chance to experience the kind hospitality of Koreans and to have a comfortable stay in their homes.

Local residents who want to participate in the Korea Stay program must have their homes certified by their municipality as an “Urban Lodging for Foreign Tourists” in order to be able to provide room and board for foreign guests.
“Urban Lodging for Foreign Tourists” Registration
Qualifications: citizens who wish to provide rooms to foreign travelers (must have a family member with adequate foreign language proficiency)
House, multi-family complex, apartment home under 230m2
Required Documents: request form, copy of residential registration, certificate of personal records, blueprint of residence
Evaluation Procedure: request form submission (to Songpa Gu Office, International Tourism Desk) → document evaluation → on site evaluation (foreign language proficiency and housing format, etc.) → certification
For questions, please call: Songpa Gu Office, International Tourism Desk +82-2-2147-2114)

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