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Old-Fashioned Marketplace

Tour Guide>Shopping>Old-Fashioned Marketplace
Market information
마천시장 모습
Market type : Building-type comprehensive market
Location : The whole area of 23 Macheon-ro 45gil
Main products : Agricultural products, daily necessities, clothing, accessories, restaurants, etc
Tel: Macheon Market Co.,Ltd. +82-2-3012-5535
  • Plottage 5,798㎡, Building area 3,871㎡, Market area 3,871㎡
  • Building scale : Basement 1st floor to 2nd floor
  • Number of store : 107 stores

Market - Introduction
The Macheon Marketplace is Songpa’s only traditional market and has over 30 years of history. The market, which is located at the heart of a residential area that is comprised on houses, apartments complexes, and smaller retail buildings, has been a convenient shopping destination for local residents. Its catchment area of 2-3 km includes residents of Geoma District and the city of Hanam, which is also nearby.
While rapid market environment changes related to mega discount stores and home shopping has shifted consumer needs and buying patterns, traditional markets have been slow to respond, making it urgent for these retailers to recover the markets and renovate the facilities. Therefore, Macheon Market is promoting a maintenance project.

How to get there: subway, bus
Subway: get off at Macheon Station Line 5, Exit 2. 5-10 minute walk
Bus: Green 3214, 3315, 3316, 3416