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Tour Brands

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잠실관광특구 관광브랜드
Emblem 국제관광도시송파 A flower symbolizing the image of Songpa as a tourism city. The five flower petals use the theme of the Olympics and tourism and have incorporated the five colors that represent the Olympic rings into their design. The emblem stands for nature, city, water, people, and hope. The stamen of the flower represents Songpa’s landmark, Lotte World Tower.
Mascot 마스코트 잠누리, 잠애리 Mascot Names: Jamnuri, Jameri
To celebrate the designation of Jamsil as a Special Tourism Zone, Jamnuri and Jameri were developed based on the literal meaning of Jamsil (room for silk production) and the silkworm. The two characters aim to promote Songpa as a friendly destination for tourists.

Photos of Jamnuri & Jameri
Photos of Jamnuri & Jameri
At the Hanseong Baekjae Culture Festival
한성백제문화제 참가1 한성백제문화제 참가2 한성백제문화제 참가3
on a walking tour with Hallyu stars
한류스타와 함께하는 걷기대회 참여1 한류스타와 함께하는 걷기대회 참여2 한류스타와 함께하는 걷기대회 참여3
Jamnuri & Jameri on Christmas Nuri & Eri Shopping Bags Nuri & Eri Postcards
잠누리&잠에리 in Christmas1 누리&에리 쇼핑백1 누리&에리 엽서1