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Hanseong Baekje Culture Festival

Culture/Tourism>Festivals/Performances>Hanseong Baekje Culture Festival
Meet 2000 years of history in the front of eyes
Before 2000 years, in the songpagu during October every year Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival, the biggest local historical cultural festival, is reproduced platinum age of Hanseong Baekje which flourished splendid culture and art in the early 500 years of Baekje and selected only cultural sightseeing festival of Seoul festival from Ministry of Culture in 2008. The historical cultural street march offers us various sightseeing in the downtown Opening and closing ceremony, Also, because of opening traditional and international food marketplace, we eat our traditional food as well as exotic various food.
Introduction to the festival
Name of the event: Hanseong Baekje Cultural Festival
Theme: Hanseong Baekje boasting 2,000 years of history as the capital
Period: October every year
Venue: Olympic Park, Wiryeseong Daero, Pungnap-dong Gyeongdang History Park, ancient tombs in Seokchon-dong
Main festival
Events for participants and hands-on experience
A village where you can have hands-on experience of Baekje culture, a parade on the street of history and culture, walking around Mongchon Toseong (earthen rampart), traditional plays, a program for hands-on experience of traditional culture, a quiz contest on Hanseong Baekje
Opening/closing ceremonies, celebratory performances, fireworks, Baekje Tombs Festival, the ceremony of lighting spell wisp, a festival of young music lovers’ clubs, fringe festival, Songpa Sandae Nori, and other traditional performances
Ancillary performances
Guerrilla performances, Hanseong Baekje character show, etc
Main festival photos