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Lotte World

Culture/Tourism>Songpa's Tourist Attractions>Lotte World
 Lotte World
About Lotte World
Large complex for tour, commerce and leisure located near Seokchon Lake, Songpa-gu, Jamsil-dong, Seoul, Korea
Lotte World, with area of 0.13㎢ and total floor space of 0.58㎢, is twice the size of Olympic main stadium and 6 times the total floor space of Jangchung stadium. Along with Hotel Lotte World and Lotte Department Store, there are shopping mall, fashion street, old-fashioned marketplace, swimming pools, ice rink, sports center, clinic, Lotte World Adventure, folk center, Magic Island in Seokchon Lake, wedding halls, culture center, and restaurants of various cuisines. From shopping to amusement, leisure and sports, it is the place for multi-purpose life experience of everyday service in one location.