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Culture/Tourism>Songpa's Tourist Attractions>Seongnaecheon
Seongnaecheon is flowing Han River through Macheondong, Ogeumdong and Pungnapdong and plays a role to Songpa which reforms ‘a city of water’. Also, it gives people who come Seongnae river pleasure coming honeybees, butterflies, birds, raccoon, and marsh snail which only lives in the clear water as it changed natural river by virtue of rehabilitation work starting from 2002. In this river, creating fountain and jar pool as the summer resort inside of downtown, 36 kinds of birds like herons, 7 kinds of fishes such as carps and 126 kinds of insects like ladybugs live in harmony. Seongnae River that is attraction coming 10,000 people in the mid-summer is a treasure of Songpa because it is selected ‘South Korea’s top 100 beautiful river’ by the Ministry of Country Transportation in 2009.
Cheongryangmountain-Macheondong-Ogeumdong-Pungnapdong-Han river
Bike lane and Jogging track, Outside fitness center, Acupressure boulders, Byeokcheon fountain, jar pool, Outdoor performance hall of musical fountain, plant tunnel etc.
Exit 1 Jamsillaru station
Seongnaecheon Stream Waterpark
Location : 103, Seongnaecheon-ro, near the Dong-A Ilbo building in Ogeum-dong
Facilities : Showers (5), locker rooms (10), drinking fountains (3), shades (12), water closets (8)
Size : 3~5 m wide; 160 m long; 0.3~0.8 m deep
Open: 10:00 AM~7:00 PM from mid-June through the end of August
- By subway : 10 minutes’walk in the direction of Oju Middle School from Exit 1, Gaerong Station, Subway Line 5
- Buses : 3313, 3314, 3215 (10 minutes’ walk in the direction of Oju Middle School from Ogeum Sanga Apartment bus stop)
the Water Control Division, the Songpa-Gu Office (☎2147-3340) or the Songpa-gu Facilities Management Corporation (☎2157-1022)