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Olympic Park

Culture/Tourism>Songpa's Tourist Attractions>Olympic Park
Olympic Park
Cause of creating the Park
For 1986 Seoul Asian Games and 1988 Seoul Olympics
About the Park
6 stadiums around Mongchon Toseong area. Green areas were formed in Mongchon Toseong and surrounding area, Olympic Center and 5 stadiums(gymnastics, weight lifting, fencing, tennis, velodrome) were built in 1986, Olympic swimming pool and sculpture park were added in 1988, and finally Seoul Olympics were held. Special fabric was used for ceilings of gymnastics/fencing stadiums that could penetrate 10% of sunlight; lightings are auto-controllable and the auditorium was specially designed to adjust the size. Outside wall of weight lifting stadium has a modern look with semi-transparent fiber class panels.

Seoul Olympic Park was built in Mongchon Toseong site(Historic Site No. 297), a 2,285m-long historic site of ancient capital of Baekje.

In the Park, there are Olympic monuments including ‘Peace Gate’, ‘Meeting in Seoul’ and ‘Wall of Glory’ and Mongchon History Museum where early Baekje remains are exhibited; over 200 sculptures commissioned to famous modern sculptors from 66 countries are also exhibited.In addition, Seoul Olympic Parktel was opened in September 1990; there is Seoul Olympic Memorial Hall that shows everything and anything related to Seoul Olympics.

Olympic Park is a great educational place for history, art, culture, sports and leisure at the same time; the park is used for sports and cultural and art performances.
May 1986
424, Olympic-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul, Korea
  • Jamsil Station of No. 2 train
  • Seongnae Station of No. 2 train
  • Olympic Park Station of No.5 train
  • Mongchon Toseong Station of No. 8 train (Peace Gate)
  • Olympic Center : Local 3316, 3411
  • Peace Gate, South Gate 4 : Local 3412, 3413 / Indirect bus 340
  • Velodrome, South Gate 2 : Local 3412, 3413
  • Olympic Park Station, East Gate 2 : Local 3412, 3413 / Indirect bus 371