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Cultural Properties of the City

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Chungheon Kim Gongshindo Monument
Name : Chungheon Kim Gongshindo Monument
Appointment : Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No. 59 (Nov. 3, 1984)
Era : 19th year of Youngjo in Chosun Dynasty (1743 A.D.)
Location : 424, Olympic-ro (within Olympic Park)
Scale : 1 unit of a monument (total height 4.06m; height 2.74m; width 1.02m)
This monument located in Mongchon Toseong in Olympic Park was for Cheongpung Kim, whose first name was Gu; he was a student of Saechae Park and a civil minister in late Chosun(1649~1704). He passed the civil service examination of Chundangdae in the 8th year of Sukjong(1682). He served in various positions in the government following the teachings of his mentor to create harmony against political power struggle.

Writing of this monument was by Uihyeon Lee, the prime minister of his time; calligraphy was by Myeonggyun Seo of Cheonbaek-li; the introduction was by Cheokgi Yu, the former prime minister. It was appointed Seoul Tangible Cultural Property for its excellent artistic calligraphy. Cheongpung Kim was also good at calligraphy and made Baekcheongyojungchang Monument in Goseong and Kimsushindo Monument in Seonsan. His pen name was Chungheon.