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Origin of Hanseong Baekje

About Songpa>Origin of Hanseong Baekje
Origin of Hanseong Baekje
Hanseong Baekje refers to an ancient Korean kingdom of Baekje when it was founded on the middle and lower reaches of the Han River basin, including today’s Songpa, in 18 BCE, and developed itself into a powerful centralized state cultivating its own culture until 475 when it was forced to set up a new capital in the south.
It was in 5 BCE that Songpa today was chosen to become the capital of early Baekje by its founder Onjo. According to historical records, Onjo and his brother Biryu moved southwards to today’s Seoul after outstanding contribution made for the establishment of Goguryeo achieved by their father, Jumong.
Onjo settled down in Wiryeseong north of the Han River while Biryu set up the base for his own kingdom in Michuhol, today’s Incheon. Some time later, Biryu of Michulhol found that the people of Wiryeseong living under his brother’s rule were leading much more prosperous and peaceful life than those under his leadership.
He was overwhelmed by a sense of shame which eventually led him to his untimely death. The Biryu’s territory and people were then handed over to his brother Onjo, resulting in the foundation of a new capital in today’s Songpa in 5 BCE. His kingdom, Baekje, since then grew fast into a powerful, centralized state, producing lasting cultural achievements.
In 493, King Munju moved the capital to Ungjin (today’s Gongju) in the south, ending the kingdom’s Hanseong Era which lasted almost 500 years.