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About Songpa>History
The name of Songpa has been called Songpa by the hill with many pine trees from pre-existing Koryo dynasty and that is located in Han river was Kojoson sphere with establishing ancient country as living Neolithic people from the prehistoric times. This place which was the capital of Baekje from King Onjo who is progenitor to King Gaero of 21 generations during about 493 years was a struggle for power among Baekje, Koguryo, and Silla from the late 4th century through the late 7th century.
Jamsil is called eastern jamsil and Ferry Songpa near the current Seokchon lake was an important merchant traffic route connecting Hansung, Chungcheong province, and Gyeongsang province for 1000 years.
Songpa marketplace was not a five-day market but formed permanent shop is the center of collecting local fruits and one of the 15 generations marketplace.