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About Songpa>Mayor
General Information
First name : Chun-hee
Last name : Park
Master of Public Administration, Graduate School of Public Administration, Pusan National University
Graduated from Pusan National University
Graduated from Gyeongnam Women’s High School

President of Student Council, Judicial Research & Training Institute
Adjunct Professor, Chodang University
Member of Professor Evaluation Committee, Seoul Bar Association
Member of Committee on Legal Support for the Elderly, Korean Bar Association
Vice Chairman of Legal Council Organization for the Presidential Election
5th Mayor of Songpa-gu elected by popular vote
Member of Local Tax Evaluation Committee, Seoul Metropolitan Government
Member of Committee of Legal Support on Redevelopment and Reconstruction, Korean Bar Association
Member of Family Coordination Committee, Seoul Family Court
Legal Advisory Member for Citizen’s Alliance for Fair Election
Member of Legal Council Committee, National Citizens’ Alliance for Fair Election
Mayor of Songpa-gu