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Gu Assembly

About Songpa>Gu Assembly

Tel : +82-2-2147-3600 / Fax : +82-2-2147-3956

The member of the Assembly is elected and as the member of the region National Assembly usual of the resident by equal direct secret electing the authority which decides the doctor of the self-governing body as the representative of the resident it has. It follows the profit of common good prior in conscience and must accomplish a duty sincerely and Songpagu member of the Assembly is composed with 26 people tenure in 4 years.
Chairman/Vice Chairman
District councils from in the member of the Assembly elect 1 humanity and justice design vice-chair each with unsigned secret ballot and tenure each 2 years is and. the design to represent the National Assembly supervises the business of the National Assembly the center role of the back National Assembly operation which it takes charge of and the vice-chair substitutes and when there is not a design, duty of design.
Standing Committees follows in station business of the executive organ and it is composed of 4 Executive Committee, Administrative & Public Health Committee, Finance & Welfare Committee, Urban & Traffic Committee, in order to do the matter which is specific mind Special Committee below the 13th person there are two possibilities to the case which needs.
Executive Officer
In order to control a National Assembly business National Assembly Secretariat Bureau which is established begins the Secretariat Bureau market and 35 person staffs it is letting.