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Convenient Songpa

About Songpa>Convenient Songpa
Convenient Songpa
Old roads, alley cleaning, illegal advertisements, lack of parking spaces, and other issues that repeatedly, and all too frequently, arise from the negligent management of public facilities need to be prevented and handled in a prompt and timely manner. For this, Songpa has developed the slogan of “Convenient Songpa,” in an attempt to aggressively manage the 5 key areas of residential complaints, which are related to roads, parks, air quality, parking, and sanitation, for making Songpa a quality area to live in.。
Convenient Songpa
Pedestrian-friendly roads
Road Facility Management: car/pedestrian/bicycle road repair, pedestrian pavement repair, snow removal。
Auxiliary Facility Management: safety fences, street and safety lamps, bollards, benches, street markets, bicycle racks, etc。
Advertisement Material Management: street billboards, illegal advertisements, etc。
Clean Songpa
Environment Management: noise and dust prevention
Construction Safety Management: construction fences, construction tarps, etc
Steam Water Quality Management: Seongnaecheon Stream, Jangjicheon Stream odor management
Inviting Parks
Neighborhood Parks Management: exercise equipment, hiking courses, public toilets, and park management。
Children Parks Management: playgrounds, green areas, and rest area management 。
Parkable Neighborhoods
Parking Facility Management: residential parking permits/handicapped parking area management, public parking lot management, rationalization of parking violation management
Clean Alleyways
Sanitation Facility Management: support for a new weight-based food waste disposal system, residential garbage management, and street cleaning
Public Toilet Management: wash basin/toilet bowl management, lighting, and sanitation upkeep
Please let us know
Complaints should be submitted to: Songpa’s website ( Civil Affairs Center “Resident Complaint Handling Desk”
Complaints can also be submitted to: Songpa-Gu Safety Office (☎2147-3090), each Dong Community Center, and twitter (@songpaok)
Accepted: all year round