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About Songpa>Greetings
We will make Songpa-gu ‘the representative happy city of Korea’ with you.

I am Choon-hee Park, Mayor of Songpa-gu.
I would like to express my sincere welcome to all the visitors to our website.

Songpa-gu is the city of history and culture of the Hanseong (Seoul) Baekje Period which flourished 2,000 years ago.
The city is also blessed with beautiful and attractive natural environment including Seokchon Lake, Olympic Park and Seongnaecheon Stream.

In addition, Songpa-gu makes a leap forward to become the new hub of culture, tourism and economy based on the largest Jamsil Special Tourist Zone in Seoul, Southeast Distribution Complex, Future-oriented Business District in Munjeong-dong, gradual development of Law District, development of Jamsil Sports Complex and the modernization of Garak Market.

Now, we are going to take a step forward to make Songpa-gu ‘the representative happy city of Korea’ where anyone enjoys safe, relaxed and happy life together all the time, the community where you want to live in for generations, and the community you want to hand down to your descendants.

You are at the center of the journey. As your undivided support and encouragement have driven Songpa-gu to the development, we believe that your interest and engagement will be the lights that guide Songpa-gu to the brighter future.

We will listen to your voice, even a small one, with the open mind and reflect your wishes and hopes in the community administration with our full heart and responsibility.
Your interest, participation, and supports through the website will be much awaited and appreciated.
Thank you.